Sunday, December 5, 2010

Post to HP that got flushed - re: Julian Assange

Thank you Julian Assange. I don't know what your personal motivation­s were for doing what you have done but you may have - unintentio­nally - made a huge number of Americans wake up and see what we have as a government.
During a time that the Tea Partying GOP is carrying the water for some of the wealthiest people and companies in the world we have found out that our government isn't as good as the ideals to which we pledge. We classify documents and snark that should have never been put to paper. Then we show incompeten­ce in how we handle such questionab­ly sensitive material by putting them into a system accessible by a Lady Gaga fan. Now we threaten our citizenry if they dare comment on what some idiots have done in our name.
Borrowed this pic from Wikipedia.
 I don't know if I have to put it back.
That's it - I'm not sure how many of the 250 word allottment from HP I used but I'm pretty sure I wasn't inciting anyone to violence or the overthrow of our government or questioning someone's parentage.  So why was it deemed by the censors at HP as being unsuitable?  I don't know and they won't tell.  So please, can someone tell me where I crossed the line?  My goal is conversation not instigation or controlling the conversation.

This particular subject has led me to a future posting.  I'm thinking of trying to connect the dots between 9/11 and George Bush's response to it and how his response has led us to situations like American citizens being cautioned about discussing what passes for diplomacy today and the culture of secrecy we have despite claiming to want "transparency".

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