Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thoughts on Rick Scott

One more item that didn't get past HuffPost censors.

This is one bad dude who either failed to promote an ethical business environmen­t at HCA while he was the CEO or was complicit in the organized defrauding of the Medicare program. So pick your poison: he's stupid or he's evil but he was not successful.

So far as CEO of Florida - he has shown a little of both these liabilities. He ran on the theme of putting people back to work but paid his campaign staff with gift cards, he's suggested changes in public schooling that will cost jobs while creating an environmen­t that would be ripe for fraud, denied Federal funding for high speed rail and the jobs and cut school funding while giving a matching amount of tax breaks to business. He has killed the "pill mill" database that would not cost the state a red cent but might have called attention to his latest healthcare scam - "Solantic" a cut rate chain of walk in clinics that are already being scrutinized. All decisions he has made are arguably favorable to him in some personal way be it reduced property taxes or lowered business taxes. Finally, he has made a mockery of separating himself from his business holdings while in office by transferri­ng them into his wife's name - hardly a blind trust that!

By the look of the legislatur­e they apparently enjoy being lectured to by theis unindicted criminal who doesn't understand the mission of Government is not the same as business. He'll never be a Governor just a CEO.

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