Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tucker & TDC get slopply seconds...

Whoa, just a minute! Without a doubt Tucker Carlson should never be mistaken for someone who hasn't made a name for himself and taken a few punches but ended up on his feet. Just because he had the good fortune to come from a $ucce$$ful family he is obviously not the product of the type of affirmative action usually reserved for George Bush types.

So when I hear that Gini Thomas is joining his little club of out of touch children looking for something to do while waiting for their check from their trust fund, I wonder how they can possibly afford to pay her her going rate? Is this just another ploy for the rich and the Koch to funnel money to the accounts of a loyal tea baggist for the services she renders them by keeping one of their favorite jurist in line?

I can hardly wait for the next disclosure report dear Clarence has to file to see if his wife's value has increased or did she lose some of her value by making too many phone calls? Assuming of course that Justice Thomas remembers that she is a breadwinner in their house too and dutifully and accurately reports every last quarter she earns.

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