Sunday, May 1, 2011

Loved the President's Correspondents' Dinner Moment

Here’s another in my series of posts that did not meet the lofty ideals and rules of decorum set by and for people that still waste time visiting The Huffington Post:

These comments have been expanded and improved as I need not concern myself about meeting someone else’s capriciously enforced standards. 

In a moment of tongue in cheek during the Correspondents’ Dinner, the President outlined all the reasons that Donald Trump will never be elected and is not a serious candidate, even in his own combed-over mind. When the camera was focused on Trump one could almost see the resentment radiating from him until the showman that he fancies himself to be begrudgingly sent a hint of a smile to his lips and a feeble wave to our President. Even though he deserved a bigger beating for his recent behavior the President delivered a suitable can of whoop-ass to placate his supporters.

I can't let the camera shot of Bill O'Reilly go without comment. The President's healthcare plan may pay for the surgery to remove whatever he has lodged in his butt. Seriously, we need to have O'Reilly go through a good Trumping so that he can follow Beck into "retirement".

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