Friday, June 3, 2011

Do we have a Democratic or Republican Problem?

Let me see if I have my recent history correct... 

President Obama is elected to lead our country out of the mess created by a Congress that basically laid down to the wishes of the corporate & wealthy classes served by George Bush and initiated by Reagan. However, before the new President can proceed he is tarred as the most liberal possibly socialist man to hold the office & the GOP decides to block his every effort.

The GOP used every trick to delay any proven progressive move and was aided by the conservative media in misrepresenting programs & demonizing our President. They were successful for a number of reasons whether they were in the majority or the minority.  

Now after a mid-term election where the GOP promised to change things & create jobs to win the majority in the House - they have delivered little in jobs or relief for anyone except George Bush's base. The only other thing they have been successful at since November 2010 is how often they can repeat that “tax increases are off the table”, “we have a spending problem”, “government, civil servants, the poor, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security are why we are in trouble” and demagoguing the Democrats for demogoguing their intention to kill Medicare as we know it.

The wealthy are busy buying the protection they think they need from the GOP while sitting on their profits by working us harder for less remuneration & eliminating President Obama as a byproduct.

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